Operation in 2 weeks

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I have been lucky or so I'm told I have a small tumour discovered by chance. So I need a partial nephrectomy 

What I don't know is what I will feel post op what will I have tube wise etc. 

I'm scared but feel that I shouldn't be because I'm lucky 

  • Great news on the op front!! Fingers crossed for you x won’t you get a pre op check up first u could prob ask questions then ? 

  • I did but they weren't helpful Pensive

  • Really annoying! Are you on the fb page ? I am finding it really helpful ? Pop it on there I’m sure someone will respond xxx

  • Hi the Mcmillan FB page? 

  • Hi Fee, did you have any luck finding out info for your operation, have you had your consultation yet.  Easy to say but difficult to do, try not to worry too much, this is a routine operation for a urology surgeon, even though it is scary as heck for us.

  • No it’s the kidney cancer uk fb page

  • Hi Fee23...everyone is different but my circumstances are/were;

    - Partial nephrectomy on 19.10 at Charing Cross - 4 night stay.

    - A few days later rushed into Hillingdon in excruciating pain - 12 hour wait in A&E. Eventually bluelighted back to Charing - diagnosed with a bleed.

    - Luckily, no further operation needed and bags and bags of drugs went in; 3 further nights in there.

    - Follow up with the surgeon next Thursday at Charing.

    In terms of recovery I'd mention;

    1. Be patient - operation is a major one (I had 5 "entry" points) and is a real trauma to the body.

    2. Sleep - going to bed early and needing an afternoon sleep as well. Tiredness is normal. L

    3. Exercise - currently doing a 10 minute walk morning and afternoon. Looking to gradually increase that from next week.

    4. Fluids - drink plenty; not only gets your insides working but, heaven forbid you have to go back in, a hydrated body's veins are easier to access!

    5. Food - eat well; classic 5 a day intake.

    6. Pain - there will be good and bad days I'm afraid.

    Hope that helps, and best wishes...

  • Thank you so much not good you had a bleed and I'm glad you are recovering . I'm having robotic surgery but apart from reducing the length of stay it will be same. Did you have a tube in your bladder for any length of time?

    I'm not seeing my surgeon till day of operation and I'm just trying to get myself mentally prepared 

  • Hi Fee

    I did have a catheter in, yes - standard procedure I think with this (most??) operations. No other tubes though - apart from an initial drainage one which again I think is standard and that came out pretty quickly/easily. All that said, the effects of the general anaesthetic were such that I didn't really realise they were there.

    It was my first major operation and I was pretty worried about the whole thing, I must admit. Then it simply dawned on me that I needed to "let go" of that worry and "trust the professionals". After that it was easier.

    I have 5 scars, 1 larger one where they took the growth out from and 4 smaller ones. All healing well, dissolvable stitches.

    Main thing now is the tiredness - but things are slowly improving.

    Do let me know if you have further questions!

  • Thank you so much. You have really helped me.