Just been diagnosed with advanced kidney cancer

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Hi can someone tell me if I can get treatment having advanced kidney cancer please

  • Yep, absolutely! 

    I was advised I had advanced kidney cancer in Nov 2021.  RCC spread to the lungs.  I started treatment in Jan 2022 and the lung mets are gone.  I feel normal again, no longer bleugh and lethargic.  Treatment approaches are progressing all the time and even if this treatment stops working for me there is still other stuff to try.    Chemo and radiotherapy are generally are not effective for kidney cancer, although everyone's cancer is different and people with the same cancer can have different results.  

    Once it's spread to another organ or outside the kidney, they don't tend to remove the kidney.  Other approaches like immunotherapy are considered a better option.  

    Also, in some circumstances they might monitor the cancer every 3 months to see how it is progressing.  Depends how you view it, but it's still a form of treatment, because they are using the time wisely to decide what to do when.  

    Edit:  kidney cancer is slow growing.

  • Thank you that has helped my anxiety knowing something can be done .

  • Thank you this really has helped my husband has just been diagnosed stage 4 and spread to lungs we are in bits and just waiting on a date for biopsy the waiting is so scary 

  • Thank you.  That has made me feel a little better.  I was diagnosed a few weeks ago, just waiting to meet my consultant, next week.  I don’t know what the future holds.  I have a large growth that spontaneously ruptured my kidney and it has spread to my lungs, spine and various other places.

  • Morning sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Stay strong since I have joined the forum I have been stronger 2 days without crying 

    if you have any questions make sure you ask them 

    good luck and feel free to contact me should you wish to talk xxxx 

  • Hi my husband has stage 4 kidney cancer , very large tumor on right kidney , smaller one on left and lung mets. He had immunotherapy which didn't work. But was put on tablets which are a form of chemo, side effects not to good but the smaller tumor hasshrunk by half and larger one has shrunk a bit adthstwasafter 12 weeks, especially got a ct ondec 5th so Weare hoping to see more change , its really scary I know but there is treatment for your husband xx

  • Thank you Blush for responding it’s the unknown isn’t it that’s so scary and uncertain? We like to plan for the future so we have things to look fwd to but at the moment we can’t 

    we are just waiting for a date for a biopsy

    all the best for ur husband xxxxx