Private Surgery - Nephrectomy

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Hi Everyone,

I’m 53 years old and sadly I have stage 1 suspected RCC presenting as a 5cm mass in the upper pole of my left kidney.

Due to the uncertainty around the waiting list times in the C19 era I’m looking at having a laparoscopic Nephrectomy done in the private sector. I have an appointment tomorrow with the consultant.

It’s with regret that I may be diverting from the NHS but would love to know if anyone has had a similar experience or advice for me to reflect on.

stay safe everyone and thanks in advance.

  • Hi Will, I hope you are well and fully recovered from your partial nephrectomy. I came across your post today and I know it is a long time ago but it's very similar to my situation. I have been told I have a 2.9cm lesion on the right upper lobe of my kidney and I'm having more scans tomorrow to find out if its cancer. I just wondered were you given the option of removal? I thought they didnt offer this for tumours under 4cm. Thanks in advance, kerry

  • Hi.  It was c. 2cm and i was given the option to have a partial nephrectomy or leave it there!!  A partial nephrectomy being remove of part of my kidney vs a complete removal which is much worse for the body.  This was at  NHS Royal Free, Hampstead in North London.  I was 41 two years ago when this happened.  I am fully recovered and in terms of kidney function I have the functionality of a person who had no operation.  Diagnosis was traumatic and stressful. Where are you based and how old are you?   

  • Hi Will, I live in Cornwall and I am 52 (just!) It was my birthday on Saturday. I have a double whammy as I have a cancerous polyp. Luckily it's been staged T1b N0. They are hoping to remove it by endoscopic mucosal Resection. If not it will be a surgical procedure. The kidney lesion was found whilst I was having a ct for my bowel, so I class myself as being lucky. I had another CT on my kidney yesterday to confirm whether its cancer or not. The diagnosis has been traumatic, such a shock. Still feels a bit unreal. So reassuring to hear your health is back to normal. Thank you for your reply. The info is much appreciated. Take care kerry