Grade 2 IBC?

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I was diagnosed with a grade 2 breast cancer in November of 2021. I had a sudden large lump of 12cm, as well as swelling on the skin etc, and grade 2 IDC was found in the breast tissue and the dermis but not epidermis.

My breast cancer has always been referred to as a grade 2 inflammatory IDC. I have had 6 months of chemo and surgery and was found to have a complete response. I am about to start my 15 doses of radiotherapy. Only recently have I had the guts to read about IBC but now I am confused as all the literature says its grade 3 and above.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

  • Hi, I am sorry I can't help with your specific question, but I also do sometimes find the literature confusing. Have you been able to ask your consultant or your nurse to clarify?  Best wishes 

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  • As this was a long time ago I'm sure you've got the answer by now. If you haven't already, get in touch with the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Network UK who specialise in IBC, it's treatment and follow up.