in agony with earache

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sorry i dont know how to get my old thread up.

my partner finished 30 radiotheraphy  and 2 chemo on 17th april .and has been recovering really well but since last friday has had earache that he describes as agony ..but just on a night in bed.

i rang the cancer nurse and we went in and saw a ear surgeon yesterday and he said no infection and his eardrum is fine.

has anyone else had this.


  • They should have told you that the nerves from the ear and mouth are all intertwined.  I get earache every time I brush my teeth as the mint in the toothpaste sets off the remaining ulcer scars.  Nothing wrong with my ear, just mixed messages arriving at the brain.  It was especially noticeable having had a tonsillectomy.

    I hope with time and healing it goes away.

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  • thank you for your reply ,its strange its just at night though ,during the day nothing.

    he is not taking any meds in the day as does,nt need them ,just on a night usually 2 x co-codamol 500/8

    but we now have some 500/30 so we will try them

  • i suppose as you said its all connected .in the back of my mind i am worrying somethings not right

  • just a update ..he took 2 x co-codamol 500/30 at 10.30pm and 1 x para 500 + 1 x co-codamol 500/8 at 3.30 am and was fine .

    so we just need to keep doing this for a while ..while its healing 

  • Glad he is sorted.

    Are you sure the Dr is happy with taking paracetamol alongside co-codamol as it already is a mix of paracetamol and codeine??  I guess at face value he is not OD the paracetamol, but generally the Drs have it as a no-no just in case.

    See my profile for more details of my convoluted journey
  • hes just taking 500mg in each tablet ,so we assumed that would be fine .but i will ring and check