Some Good News

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Hi to everyone reading this.

Today Im waking up and the sun is shining and life feels .sweeter.

Yesterday after a tough 10mths (T4tonsil  cancer spread to lymphs and base of tongue)I was shown my  clear PET scan results and told the yreatment had been sucessful TadaTada

Im exhausted from the emotions  and utter relief  but wanted to say a couple of things ; to all the people on this blog  awaiting diagnosis/ treatment or started their  surgery/chemo/radiotherapy dont lose faith/hope  no matter how tough it may get ! trust in your team … Im here  today as one of the 90% this treatment works for .

Secondly thanks to all of the amazing people on the site who helped me by replying  to my posts which in the beginning were full of fear and anxiety your kind words of support and wisdom were desperately needed.

Special thanks to the legends on this site Hazel and Dani for helping me through the worst storm of my life and guiding me back to safer shores.. you began as my Mentors and are now my friends forever thankfulHearts️Debbie x