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 My husband has 2 sessions of radiotherapy to go. His pain has ramped up significantly but he is very stoic.  We have been prescribed morphine now. I’m sure his oncologist said he can take this on top of codeine and paracetamol but just wondered if this is common to take all 3. Could anyone tell me their pain relief schedule please. 

  • Hi. I couldn’t take cocodomol so just stuck with paracetamol and morphine. You can take cocodomol and paracetamol on its own four times a day. You can take codeine with morphine. They are both opiates. 
    I took long acting morphine twice a day and alternated paracetamol with morphine every two hours 

    There is a schedule of my analgesia in my blog. 


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  • Hi I was on cocodomol and oramorph 2x30 mg cocodomol every 6 hours with oramorph inbetween every 2 hours if needed with cheeky sips in between at my worst I was on 40 mil oram in a 24 hour period. Getting control of pain is paramount. Remember on opiates laxido or movicol I’d needed daily j was ok on one sachet some need more. 
    Well done to hubby 2 tk gi remember the next few weeks can still be hard if not harder than treatm just forewarning you. Stock U.K. on medication as not all gp s are on top of our requirements. 
    hugs Hazel x

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  • Hi Worrylo

    I had paracetamol, morphine liquid and Fentanyl patches all at once. I found that the paracetamol 4 hourly really helped take the edge off the pain and with the morphine and Fentanyl patches did make it possible to finish the radiotherapy. I did get rather constipated so needed to take Movicol regularly. My pain relief format may have been different to the one your husband is going to have but good pain relief is so important.

    Only 2 sessions to go, that's great. Hold in there.



  • Hi Worrylo

    My oncology team told me not to suffer in silence...take pain meds within safe guidelines...2.5 ml Oramorph every 2-4 hours....but could be increased if needed.


  • I found the last week was really intense so your husband is not alone.  There is no problem with taking the mix they have prescribed.  Of all of the drugs I found paracetamol the best for short term acute pain relief.  At one stage I was on Oxycodone, paracetamol, ibruprofen and Buprenorphine patch. 

    2 months down the road I am still on strong Buprenorphine patches for the background pain - I want off them but the hospital says "no" - and paracetamol.

    See my profile for more details of my convoluted journey