Does the news effect you emotionally?

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Sorry, not visited or posted here for a wile.

Some may remember me, had op to replace half of jaw in 2018, followed by radio and chem, got all clear in early 2019, had a few ups and downs, but relatively OK now.

Todays news has really hit me hard, I've always been a little emotional, the  1st 2 or 3 years after having cancer especially so, but thought was getting better until today.

Do others get effected when seing cancer stories in the news and any tips on what to do, as just keep crying at the moment.

  • Hi Penrod, yes I remember you, good to see your post. So pleased you are doing well. We all get these ups and downs, I still do from time to time, even after 6+ years later. The whole thing does affect us physically, mentally and emotionally. No wonder really.

    Best wishes Ray..

  • Hi Penrod

    Always sad to see someone being caught in the cancer net....the disease is no respecter of rank.....I hope the outcome is good for the lass.

    Take care


  • Thanks both.

    It's coming up to 6 years for me too, still get a bit of discomfort in neck, cheek, chin but apart from that are fine.

    Any cancer related stories in the news tends to set me off though and this one hit particularly hard for some reason.

    Made it to Christmas, made it to my birthday, had a nice summer, made it to my 2nd (and 3rd) Christmas now writing a blog about my treatment -
  • Hi Penrod

    I am like you. I think that I am going fine and then wham a story in the news such as Princess Catherine's really set me off. I get all emotional and teary out of the blue. I am dong fine also after my reconstruction surgery for my upper jaw in 2023 and am back to doing most of the things I was doing previously although with a few side effects.

    I think we just have to accept that we will get an emotional reaction every now and then as part of our cancer journey.

    Glad you are doing well too.



  • Hi Penrod,

    Very much gets me, tear up very easily. Nearly 3 years since treatment for me, and just a year since my dad had pancreatic cancer. 

    Not sure I have any tips, other than going going for an early walk with the dog, no-one about to see me sob my heart out. By the end of the walk I'm good to face the world again. 

    Take care, Gill x 

  • Hi. I make a point of not reading these articles. I find every journey is unique and all they do is mess with my mind. With the news so prominent atm when I see her on Facebook (we don’t have tv) I include her in my prayers .