Seriously stressed,

evening all, I've had my treatment 35 radiotherapy and 3 chemo and finished on the 5-8-2023. 2 weeks ago I had my PET-CT scan and tomorrow I get my results, but since my scans I have a really painful  lump appear under my left ear same side as the cancer. im inwardly panicking incase it bad news. dose anyone know if its bad news what other treatments there are?

. thanks. im more stressed than I was in the beginning.

  • Hi Smily, and welcome to the H&N Forum, we have all been there the minute we get a change anywhere we understandably panic, you may find several things happen whilst your body recovers from a very intrusive invasion with the drugs and RT, in particular the last treatment, I went yesterday for my 4 monthly scan and I too after 3 and a half years of them still get in a bit of a panic waiting for the results

    So try to rest and wait for tomorrow for the results and hopefully all will be fine and you can discuss anything with your Oncologist or Treatment Team

    Do take care and please don’t Google wait for the professionalsWink

    Take Care


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  • thank you Tony, im hoping its a infection, but today has got the better of me and I've been really wobbly 

  • I have a really painful  lump appear under my left ear same side as the cancer. im inwardly panicking


    Youre bound to be worried. It’s only natural. Our journey is such a roller coaster isn’t it. I had a hotspot on my PET that had to be investigated. I was told that treatment failure so soon after finishing is really rare. 
    Mine was biopsied and found benign. 
    Fingers crossed your appointment brings good news. 


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  • Hi Smily and welcome from me.  At least you have an appointment tomorrow and they can review the situation and, hopefully, put your mind at rest.  That said, if between appointments and something does not settle down in a week or so I would always contact my CNS so they can assess and if need be bring you in to review the issue.  I've done that a number of time - fortunately each time being reassured it is nothing of concern - and never have I been made to feel like I am wasting my clinical team's time.  They are here to support you through this.

  • Hi good luck for tomorrow fingers x it’s nothing ti worry about. 

    Hazel x

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  • Good luck for your scan results.