Update 12 (03/02) - Ho Hum, Seconds out - Round 4!

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Well, just shy of 4 years since diagnosis and I'm once again on the operating table.  This is becoming an annual event.  However this time it looks 80-90% like a tumour.  A week to wait for the panendoscopy and then a couple of weeks for the histology and MDT.  My neck has been feeling "different" (not painful or anything concerning) for a month.  Routine check-up and not looking good.  Offered a PET scan but I've opted for biopsy to confirm then scans to see the extent.  Early days, but as it is in a similar location to a previous round (2) I will probably opt for surgery as before and hope for clear margins avoiding RT once again.  Somehow I don't think this one will disappear before the main surgery like the last one did.

As ever - updated text in the thread below.