throat pain post treatment

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My treatment ended Beginning of August (radiotherapy and chemo) for cancer of tonsills and soft palate. I have a g tube for feeding but have been trying soft foods to eat. But my throat is still sore. Is this something I will have to live with or does the throat pain eventually disappear? I am still on fentynal patches and hydromorphone. Just wondering.



  • Hi Kathy. It really is early early days for you. I was still on morphine at 12 weeks. I probably could have come off earlier though. I took two weeks to slowly come off the morphine and had paracetamol for another month. So absolutely ignore that the oncologists tell us we will start feeling better two weeks after treatment end. It’s patently rubbish. 
    You’re doing well trying soft food at eight weeks-ish.

    To answer your questions. Yes it will get better and no you won’t have to live with it. 


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  • Hi Kathy As Dani says it’s still early days for yiu when you come off the opiates do it gradually and as for will your throat always hurt no and yes you will eat again. It all takes time my blog below might help. Well done on getting through treatment. Also you may have no appetite it’s normal it’s a case of food is fuel calories calories and calories. 
    Baby steps got me through it and one day a time. We all recover at our own pace    I know no one who felt on the mend a few weeks after treatment. 
    Hazel x

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