All clear

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Wanted to let everyone know after 7 months since diagnosis and 3 months post chemoradiotheraphy hubby has got the all clear from his p16 tonsil cancer. Ok hand

We are obviously delighted with this news and we weren't expecting this news at this stage. So it was a postive shock.

It was almost a shock from the consultant that we didn't know already.

He is doing really well now with eating and only the spicier foods evades his atm.  Although managing mind curries his favourite pre cancer food, that with chocolate (still too claggy) and unfortunately no red wine. 

Physically his fatigue is disappearing and fitness levels noticeably improving. Now walkng up 3/4 flights of stairs easily and hills are becoming enjoyable once again.

Hair has grown back around the nape so first hair cut was 1 of those simple but significant milestones and at last little discomfort in mouth now.  We walk around with waterbottles,  tbh it has made me up my own water intake too. 

Just awaiting his peg to be removed. This was the probably the best investment during treatment as he managed thanks to havingg a peg to maintain a good weight throughout.  He has now got back to his ideal weight for his height. 

From reading others updates we are very aware hubby has had one of the easier experiences with this type of cancer. After the initial shock of diagnosis and then in wk 5 and 6 of treatment plus 3 wks following treatment these were the horrible weeks.  But they soon pass.

Recovery has been steady over the last few months with several plateaus but we both feel life is returning.  It is wonderful to have my hubby back. 

I want to thank this site and everyone who shares their experiences because without them we wouldn't not have known the stages (real stages) of this treatment by those which know exactly what is coming and how to prepare.

So a huge thank you to everyone. Wishing all of you speedy recoveries and for those free of this horrible disease continue health.

I still come on and read posts it is such a helpful place here. 

Love to everyone. Xx