Cancer of jaw

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Hi all just an update I’ve had three ops, now on second day of radiotherapy hoping I wint be too uncomfortable with the side effects. 

My face is slowly going from swollen to wonky but I think a few months will sort it all, tbh I don’t think I’ll ever look the same but time will tell, having to travel 96 round mile trip each day from home isn’t easy but it has to be done . 

Onky thing that worries me is I can’t eat I am using my peg, and soft custards caramels and ice cream go into my mouth x I hope one day to eat properly again .lots of love to you all and the newbies coming on here x 

  • Hi Tiara.

    Thanks for finding the time to post an update at a particularly difficult time for you. 

    My round trip was about the same and most of it in country lanes behind farm traffic so I sympathise....husband did all the driving and I slept a lot in the last couple of weeks. 

    Keep going.... hugs


    Base of tongue cancer. T2N0M0 6 weeks Radiotherapy finished January 2019

    I wrote a blog about my cancer. just click on the link below 

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  • Hi Tiara

    Congratulations on getting through 3 ops. That's a lot. Radiotherapy can be hard but with the PEG in place that should help a lot as eating can become quite difficult as the radiotherapy progresses. Do take the pain meds regularly as they help tremendously. They always start with the lowest dose ones usually paracetamol. This does help and even if you have to start taking higher dose meds such as morphine or fentanyl keep taking the paracetamol as it really makes a difference still. Over the years I have had 3 ops for jaw cancer and you do bounce back given time. You may look slightly different as I do but it is something that you get used to. It is the end result of being able to get on with living your life that you need to concentrate on. I had the first of 2 reconstruction ops for my upper jaw in Feb this year and am feeling really well now.

    The travel sounds daunting. Can you listen to music or a book on tape to help pass the time? I was lucky as my radiotherapy centre was very close to home so I did not have the travel issue.

    You will get there just take it one day at a time.

    Sending hugs.




  • Hello there Tiara.  I have been thinking about you so it was really good to read your update;   Well done you for getting through the three ops, that must have been tough!  I do hope the radiotherapy does not cause you too much discomfort. Good that the swelling is going down now and as time goes on you will definitely become less ‘wonky’, that I can assure you.  All best wishes for the coming weeks.

    sending love