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Hi everyone

I’m delighted to say I was given the all-clear yesterday. 

Diagnosed with stage 3 tongue/throat cancer last December. Treatment with Cetuximab and radiotherapy for 6 weeks across March and April which made me very poorly. Recovery has been slow and still can’t taste much but all other side effects gradually disappeared.

Following MRI and PET scans plus the longest wait of my life I was given the good news at 4pm yesterday. By 6pm I’d booked a cruise for me and my poor long-suffering wife.

Thank you for all your support and advice. By day 13 of treatment I’d wanted to give up but thankfully my wife refused to give me permission. So it’s time to start living again.

  • Hi Daddybear that's great news. You side effects and taste will keep improving for a good while yet. These posts just show people that they can get through treatment and come out the other side, with good results. Have a good cruise, me and my wife love cruising. All the best.


  • So it’s time to start living again.


    Enjoy your deserve it and thanks for letting us share your good news

    And Mrs Daddybear.......well done for keeping an eye on him


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  • Wonderful news, so pleased for you. Enjoy your cruise, both you and your wife deserve it 

  • Excellent news! I hope you really enjoy your cruise. You deserve it! 

    1. That's wonderful to hear!  It's such a great feeling isn't it. (And a reminder to me to book the holiday I promised to my partner who supported me so steadfastly through treatment.)  Enjoy your cruise, and the life ahead! 

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  • Daddybear,

    It's posts like yours that keep us newbies going.I'm starting treatment on the 4th sept.Frightened.You show us there is light at the end of the horrible long tunnel.

    So pleased for you.Any tips gratefully received !


  • Great news my motto is one life just live it. 
    Enjoy your cruise you both deserve it. 
    Hazel x

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