PEG belt support


Any advice on PEG tube belts/waistband support ? I'm using tape but all just peeling off.



  • Morning Turi

    I got mine from my RIG nurse, your nurse should be able to get you one, or you can buy them. 

    I'm lucky enough that i do a lot of needle work, so i am making myself some more.

    I'm still having problems with my tube leaking so i need more than one.

    They are good and help hold the tube in place, like you say tape doesn't last.

    Cat X

  • Thanks Cat.My PEG nurse doesn't supply them.It seems such a daft question sorry.I'm not good at needlework but may give it a go.Thanks for replying.My questions always sound irrelevant compared to other peoples !


  • Nothing is irrelevent ! 

    That's a shame she doesn't 

    If you put 'feeding tube belt' in the search on Amazon there are lots that come up. The one i have has an elastic strap with a pouch at the front, the other types on there don't look so good.

    If you find you get on with one after buying it,  if you want, choose a nice piece of material you like and i'll make you a couple !! 

    Cat x

  • Cat, and 

    That is so sweet of you.My sister has now stepped in she could make one ........???? I've seen what her jeans looked like when she took them up..........I did look on Amazon and saw what you meant .

    Thank you so much for your help


  • I have  wondered how you stopped them hanging or accidentally being pulled. Thanks for asking the question Turi. I’ve looked on Amazon too. Another useful tip from this community. Thank you 

  • Plastic alligator clip...drill a little hole in it...thread some thin strong cord thru it...tie off on PEG tube....this can be clipped to clothing to keep PEG secure.

    Bathing and showering PEG can be clipped to a necklace

  • Thanks Peter.That sounds like a good way of securing it.


  • Hi Turi

    I've been using alligator clip since PEG fitted 5 months ago...saves a lot of hassle...alligator clips are small and  unnoticeable...keep a spare in the cupboard ..but not had any problems yet.


  • Just a thought Peter, be careful the teeth on the clips doesn't damage the tube after time.

    Cat x

  • Hi Cat

    Plastic clip teeth never come into contact with PEG tube...only clothing....cord is the only thing in contact with PEG tube.