Sad News

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Hi I've written about my husband before - Stage 3 throat cancer but recovery was slow and problematic.

I regret to inform you that yesterday evening, he died suddenlySobSob
He'd had a really good day Saturday but was struggling with pain relief yesterday; I gave him as much Oxynorm as the dosing from our doctor would allow. 

Just after his last Oxynorm  he suddenly coughed up blood then it was like the flood gates opened SobSob He actually went and laid down outside as the house was covered.

The ambulance crew arrived very quickly and tried everything but were unable to save him.

He suffered varices in 2012. I'm wondering if the stomach rig aggravated something in his stomach but it was working so well.

I've been awake all night, feel sick and very tired.

He was fine but the blood loss was traumatic and he couldn't survive.

RIP my Charlie, my Bubs, my Sage. You go enjoy that steak!