Hi , I’m having 3 cycles of chemo, after few weeks  should have radiotherapy and chemo treatment for 6 weeks. After reducing my chemo dose to 75 % my SE are so small. Any way I going mad sitting at home, I do work on laptop but it is not the same. I live in small flat without garden or balcony…

do you work during the treatment?

  • Hi Barbara Personally I had  already taken early retirement, there’s not many people that managed to work all the way through chemo radiation some mana ge the first few weeks it all depends on if I hospital is away and how you cope with the treatment.If you can stop and start working then probably yiu can. Towards end if treatment it was a case if treatment feed oral hygiene sleep repeat that every 4 hours. Some days oral hyggeine was a 30 min job. 
    Just play  by ear and see how you go. 
    Hazel x

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  • Hi , thank you. I think about work between now and radiation treatment. I know welll read about radiotherapy I it’s look bad. I don’t think I will work at this time but maybe a few weeks before. I don’t have any time schedule yet.

  • Hi Barbara

    I was able to return to work 8 weeks after my first operation (a partial mandibulectomy)  when I was 59 and I then worked for about 6 weeks before I started radiotherapy.I did not have chemotherapy.  I thought I would try to work through the radiotherapy but was rather optimistic about that. I had to stop work after week 3 of the radiotherapy as the side effects were too hard to cope with. It took me about 2 months after completion of the radiotherapy before I was able to return to work as it took a while for the fatigue and sore mouth to pass.

     My manager was great and let me do a phased return so that really helped. I then continued to work with no problems until I retired when I was 65.

    Best wishes for your treatment and recovery. It does take time.



  • Thank you Lyn , just waiting for my appointment with oncologist. Sitting at home drive me crazy . Hopefully I will able to do one or two day  . Glad 

  • Hi Barbara. Like Hazel I was already retired. I was fairly ok till the end of week three but then that was me out if it really for nine weeks. I just couldn’t concentrate. 
    I have a friend who worked a demanding managerial job from home all the way through but that I think is exceptional and it did take its toll. 
    She is now pretty well recovered. 


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  • Hi , home work only , she doesn’t want to me to go to office until end of treatment. Fair enough, my managers are lovely so home only 

    thank you 

  • Don’t plan on returning to work for six months. It’s a good start to plan around there. Could be earlier but it’s still a good yardstick. Take care 


    Base of tongue cancer. Out of radiotherapy January 2019

    Blog about my cancer. 

    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm
  • My son had surgery last June for cheek and jaw cancer.  He then had 2 sessions of chemo and 33 sessions of radiotherapy.  He has now been off work for almost 12 months.  Luckily he has a supportive wife and children, as well as the rest of the family.  He is hoping to go back to work shortly, but will be working from home and only part time, building up to full time after about 12 weeks.  His consultant have reduced the dose of his patches and he is finding it difficult.  Obviously he needs the medication reducing, but it will be done slowly, as he has been on them for so long now.  It's a shame you have no outdoor space, is there a park nearby you could visit just to get you out.  Keep in touch and let us know how the treatment is for you.  Personally I've found everyone on here to be so supportive, even though it's not me whose had the cancer.  

    Take care, Macfarlane x

  • Thank you, I working from home since my first chemo treatment, almost 3 months now.

    next time chemoradioteraphy for 6-7 weeks … I have a park really nice but don’t feel like I want to go …