Black spots under Tongue

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Hi I have some black spots under my Tongue. My Doctor has seen them and is unsure of what they are but has given me some Mouth Wash to use. If they are still there in 2 weeks he is going to refer me to an Oral Surgeon. I suffer from severe anxiety and OCD and I am assuming this must be Cancer.

Kind regards James.

  • Hi James 

    Try not to overthink this until a firm diagnosis can be arrived at... easier said than done I know ... but it could be something simple ....


  • Thanks Peter for your advice. It is much appreciated.

    Kind regards James.

  • Hi James easy to say but hard to do only worry when there’s something to worry about. Even if youre put in the cancer pathway over 90% of urgent referrals are not cancer. The worst thing you can do is consult dr  Google the info at best is out of date at its worst it’s inaccurate if youve e gone down that rabbit hole please try to keep away it will not help you. 
    Hooe yiu don’t need us but if yiu donweee always happy to help


    Hazel aka RadioactiveRaz 

    My blog is  HPV 16+ tonsil cancer Now 5 years  post treatment. 35 radiotherapy 2 chemo T2N2NM.Happily getting on with living always happy to help  

  • Hi James

    Sorry to hear about what is obviously an extremely difficult and worrying time for you.x

    I agree with Hazel please stay away from google it had me dead and buried and yet Im still here Grinning

    Try and keep that anxious brain occupied and busy doing all the things you enjoy or watching anything and everything on Netflix.

    OCD and Anxiety make life very challanging without adding a possible cancer diagnosis into the mix.

    It could be and possibly is something totally harmless .


  • James, I have been here in the community for five years and I’ve never come across anybody with oral cancer that presented with black spots. The chances are pretty slim. Are you sure what you are seeing is not simply the veins under your tongue? . They are pretty dark and can appear as dark spots. 


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  • Hello James 

    bless you , easy to say I know but please try not to worry or assume it’s cancer - only a biopsy can confirm this and you will probably find it’s something else and not cancer  this is the case in many . 
    please let us know how you go 

    best wishes 


  • Thank you all so much for your help and encouragement. I appreciate it so much.

    I feel a little better about things now. The anxiety and OCD make everyday life very difficult. I am 70 and seem to be able to do less and less these days. I will keep you up to date as things happen.

    Best wishes and kind regards James.

  • Hello James 

    good to see you are feeling a little better 

    James call the MacMillian free phone line and talk to one of the wonderful team members there ! You can ask where in your local area there is a centre to visit? Usually a walk in centre ,,so no appointments needed,, might even have transport too ?? you  can have group or one to one counselling if you wanted but if t’s not your thing  also there are some FREE treatments available like massage, reflexology, Reki etc which I found so nice and helpful and you get to meet some lovely new friends too - ThumbsupGrin These centres are so lovely you can chat , have a cuppa, talk lots or not it’s entirely up to you and how your feeling as each time can be different but u can’t recommend this enough for a lift inThumbsupour spirits when needed Thumbsup

    go for it and let us know how you get on ? Grin
    Take care    Shelley 

  •  I have got an appointment on the 11th to see an Oral Surgeon at Rochdale Infirmary.

    I am however now suffering from Vertigo that I have had before but not as bad as thiis and think it caused by either a Cancer in my Mouth, Sinuses or Brain. I have Benign Positional Vertigo but have not had any problems for over 2 years. I had my B-12 injection early and this usually stops it. Will not be able to go out and get food if this carries on as I live on my own so this is a problem. On the better side I have organised and paid for my Funeral.

    Kind regards James.

  • Hi Retrovanian

    I think you might be overthinking this and your anxiety is making you come up with the worst case scenario. We all can be victims of this but it is not that likely that your vertigo is caused by cancer in the mouth, sinuses or brain. If you are getting this info from google you need to stop consulting it as we can all diagnose the worst and our imminent death by looking at it. You need to get a definitive diagnosis before you start panicking. Consult your GP about the vertigo. Please address your anxiety by following the great advice that Shelley gave in a previous post.

    It's great that you organised a pre paid funeral to help out your family. However now that you have organised it live your life and don't waste it thinking the worst as that is such a waste.

    I am now 70 and continuing to enjoy my life even though my first cancer diagnosis was 11 years ago. There is still a great life to be led after cancer so it is not necessarily the end of the line.  However fingers crossed that your symptoms do not turn out to be cancer.

    Let us know how you get on.