Hi, I'm new to the group.

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I'm starting my chemo/radio treatment next week and I'm overwhelmed. 

  • Hi Miclee

    Sorry to here you are starting treatment next week but glad you have found your way onto this group x

    Its normal to feel completely overwhelmed at this point  its the fear of the unknown … most of us felt less anxious once the treatment started ( feeling we were actively participating in the getting rid of the cancer) 

    There are lots of really supportive people on this group , all with their own experience and knowledge base .Most of us have been through it and are back to enjoying our lives x

    There is never a daft question, and always someone to respond to you x


  • Hi Miclee

    T2N1M0 tonsil cancer HPV16+ finished ChemoRadio June 2023

    Overwhelmed is definitely the way we all felt at the start....tough road ahead....stay with this group....plenty of good people and great advice...all have walked the treatment walk.

    Keep us updated on your progress.....feel free to ask any question...or just have a wee rant....try to keep Google to a minimum

    Take care and best of luck


  • Hi, Miclee, welcome to the group, sorry you have had to join. It is overwhelming and very scary, however do be assured that the treatment has a very high cure rate. Many of us on here have gone through the same and are still here to tell the tale. We are all here to help, so ask as many questions as you need to. 


  • Hi Miclee

    Sorry you have found yourself here, but welcome. Most people on here have been in the position you find yourself in, this is a great forum for support. Keep checking in.

    Good luck x

  • Hi Miclee.. don't be afraid to ask about anything.. you won't sound ridiculous, I asked a lot of questions when I first came here, and I still do, and the information that I have received has been priceless, and guided me through my treatment.. you are not alone, so reach out whenever you feel the need to.. 

    Loz (61)

    Oropharyngeal right tongue base T2N2bM0 squamous cell carcinoma p16 positive.. 

  • Hi what you’re feeling is normal , when yiure ready tell us a bit more about your diagnosis I was HPV postive tonsil cancer with 7 lymph nodes. Then we can target our responses to you. What yiure feeling is normal you’re not in your own 


    Hazel aka RadioactiveRaz 

    My blog is www.radioactiveraz.wordpress.com  HPV 16+ tonsil cancer Now 5 years  post treatment. 35 radiotherapy 2 chemo T2N2NM.Happily getting on with living always happy to help