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sadly, i have found i cannot afford to pay for the swale cvs who do charitable transport to and from hospital, way out of my price range, so am having to use patient transport, just wondered if anyone else has encountered this, when i have the ladies take me, the journey is smooth and pleasant, but am finding, because of the jerky driving of the male drivers, i am getting really bad car sickness, has anyone else found this a problem? was unhappy with them the other day, for 3 weeks they were texting me confirmation for my transport for chemo day every time i would phone them up and tell them that they had the wrong time down, then they would tell me no all good we have the right time, even the day of going they sent me a confirm text with the wrong time, so i phoned them up 2 hours before they were due and they said no all good, then they didn't turn up until the wring time i had told them about, i wouldn't have minded if they had held their hands up to the mistake, but they blatantly lied about the booking and blamed the hospital, i am grateful for patient transport, but don't like the fact that i have to go to the hospital on a chemo week as i am completely zonked out and know i'll have to wait up to 5 hours for a lift home, just a little moan to get m through, i hope who ever out there is having chemo, you are getting through it one step at a time

  • Hi ichi

    I was lucky enough to have a chauffeuse (my wife) available on a 24/7 basis...took most of the stress out of the Chemoradio commute.

    TBH we were not given much info on patient transport options.

    It is a very tough gig to handle...we are all entitled to our wee moans....I was certainly guilty of the odd rant and ill natured wife duly chastised me.

    Car sickness?....I always made sure a couple of sick bags were within easy reach.

    Take care and best of luck


  • thank you Peter, how are you now? was the chemo radio a success for you? hoping it was, did you find you got enough support with the team dealing with your treatment? the nurses docs and macmillan etc?

  • Hi Ichi

    T2N1M0 tonsil cancer

    I finished Chemoradio treatment in June 2023....great support from oncology teams and Macmillan nurse....had a 12 day stay in hospital due to rapid weight loss issue ....PEG feeding via pump stabilized my weight....PET/CT scans clear in September....still have some taste issues....other than that all is fine....

    CRT is a tough treatment with lots of issues...take care