Terminal oropharyngeal cancer

My husband found out had terminal cancer on 7/9/23 .He can't have treatment as only 1 kidney and heart failure.Im angry as went to the doctor so many times with sore throat and was told it's a viralRagenfection and given antibiotics Rage

  • Hi Ratty

    I am so sorry to hear about your husband and totally understand and feel your anger!

    Some people have had very efficient “fast track”experiences, but sadly some of us have also  had poor experiences with their GPs I visited mine several times from February this year with 6 out of 7 symptoms of tonsil cancer(T43NMO) but was sent home each time. 

    Is your husband eligible for any clinical trials? Immunotherapy etc ? You could ask your CNS or Oncologist. 

    You are both in my thoughts

  • Oh Ratty. I’m so sorry. There appear to be huge gaps in reterral protocols and it seems to come down to the skill of the GP. 
    I hope you have an understanding team which can ease the future for you both and give you some time together. 


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  • Hi Ratty so sorry to hear your sad news. There’s a huge disparity in refferal s within the U.K. which isn’t right. It like Dani says the skill if the gp  seems to be the issue. I hope you and yiu hubby get sound advise and guidance in the months to come. 
    hugs Hazel 

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  • Hi Ratty

    Really sorry to hear that I hope you have a good team around you and family/friends whi can support both of you x