Driving home after having PEG feed fitted

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My husband is having a PEG feeding tube fitted on Thursday and staying overnight in the hospital. The hospital is an hour a way. He doesn't want me to drive him and pick him up as the hospital is horrible to get to. He wants to drive himself. I'm not sure he should be driving the next day.  I'm just wondering of those of you who have have these fitted, were you fit to drive the next day?


  • All things being equal he should be able to drive after an overnight stay.  I did not stay in and could have driven home aside from the sedation I had been given.

    The problem will be if he is in a lot of discomfort and finds it difficult to drive then someone had to get there to pick him up...

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  • I definitely wasn't allowed to drive on the day.. mind you, I was in a lot of pain, and in no state TBH.. best check with your CNS just to make sure.. 

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  • Hi Jane

    I had an overnight stay in Dundee Ninewells after PEG fitting...an hours travelling... ...site was tender ....could have driven home but my wife insisted on doing the driving....I didn't argue.....


  • He should be alright to drive, after an overnight stay, I drove home the day after mine was fitted.


  • Everyone has different experiences. I came out the same day and was picked up as I was sedated. I found it very sore and painful for a week after - mine was put in too tightly though. 

    If you are offering to pick him up he'd be wise to take you up on your offer in my experience 

  • I hear ya.. mine had to be released slightly a few days later, as it was too tight. 

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  • Good evening Jane, i would agree with Peter, if your husband is staying in overnight then he should be ok to drive as the sedative would have cleared his body. When i had my PEGs fitted they were done during day surgery but the hospital would not allow me to drive and would only let me go home if someone else was driving. Also, some people do get some discomfort after the fitting so maybe make sure you have painkillers but i would have someone on standby in case he is in too much pain. Thankfully i was not in any pain after having mine fitted just a bit uncomfortable until it settled down. I hope all goes well for the fitting on Thursday, all the best.

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  • I wouldn’t have been able to drive the next day as I was in a lot of pain. I think it was too tight as I felt the stitches pop in the car. It didn’t help that mine was done in week 3 of treatment and I had to travel an hour to the hospital where I was having my radiotherapy. It sounds like some people have a better time afterwards.