The wait is over and relief is massive!

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Last Fri I had the worst news. My MRI showed a shadow on my spine which needed to be checked to see if it was cancer. If it had spread the news wouldn’t have been good. All I heard was palliative care and thought I’m going to die…….

Head and neck stage 3 confirmed in left tonsil, deep in the soft pallet and multiple lymph nodes.

MRI last Sat and I then was told Mon I needed a PET scan which panicked me!

Today I found out it is benign!

Today has been a great day! My treatment plan is 6 Chemo sessions and radiotherapy for 6 weeks. I have never felt so delighted and skipped out! Strange to celebrate stage 3 head and neck cancer but I am lucky and it COULD have been worse!

Treatment starts in around 3 weeks.

I see my cancer nurse on Tuesday and only need 2 teeth extracting.

Everyone said I would feel better at this stage and I really do! Thanks to everyone who offered support on my first post!