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Hi guys does anybody know if its normal for lymph gland in neck to swell 3/4 weeks after finishing radiotherapy. It had  nearly dissapeared during treatment. Thanks

  • Hi.  We are all different and react very differently to the treatment so there is no general answer to your question. A lot of damage is done to the areas they are trying to cure so it could just be some infection or the body healing after the trauma of the radiotherapy.

    Best give your CNS a ring and discuss with them and if they are concerned they will get you in for a check.

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  • Are you sure it’s a lymph node? I had a parotid duct infection some time after RT finished and my face swelled up like half a hamster. 
    You should, anyway, take any concerns and changes straight to your team. 


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  • Good evening Dbjones, i agree with Dani and Peter that it could well be a blocked duct or infection, please get it checked out in most cases the swelling does not hurt it just feels uncomfortable. All the best.

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