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I had the second wide local excision last Tuesday to remove a tumour. Unlike the first time they didn’t use laser and I swelled up like a balloon, it’s hideous, swallowing is agonisingly painful I have to use a syringe to get any liquids down, and keep getting a lot of nausea. Has anyone else had this treatment? How long did it take too you could eat soft foods again not just liquid! How long until the pain got a little better? Also anSobsuggestions for liquid food I can have while I wait for the swelling to calm down would be wonderful SobSob

also on another note I’m on morphine now and have anti sickness tablets since I threw up on it the other day, how effective are these tablets? I’m really scared to throw up again it pulled the stitches and was so painful! 

  • Hi SuzieQ28,

    Sorry to hear your are struggling with your swallowing.  My swallowing has been effected twice, once during my cancer treatment (4 years ago) and this October (2004) when I was not allowed to eat or drink for 10 days.  During my first bout I was fitted with a peg tube, this was a life saver for me and only wished I had still had it fitted in October.  Ask your team about getting a peg tube fitted, it will allow you to have liquid food fed straight to your stomach. 

    I hope this is helpful.

    Live life, love life.

  • Hi SuzieQ28

    Sorry to hear that you are struggling with eating at the moment. The best thing that you can have at the moment is the drink supplement recommended by your dietician e.g. Fortisip, Ensure etc as it has all the necessary nutrients in it.

    You can manage on this for quite some time without  having any other food as long as you have enough of them. I was recommended 6 a day when I was on an NG tube. When the swelling does go down then you can try smoothies with things pureed in it such as banana, avocado etc.

    Hope things calm down for you soon but unfortunately patience is the key.

    Best wishes



  • Hi Lyn, 

    I haven’t met with a dietician at all! I’ll contact the hospital and ask about it! Luckily it’s improved a little today and I can take some sips of water! I’ll probably swell back up by tomorrow and go backwards but was nice while it lasted !

    Thank you,


  • Hi, I will definitely ask! I’m probably going to need it as it’s highly likely I’m going to be needing more surgery. They took a second biopsy with the wide local excision of a suspicious looking ulcer.