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Hi I’m new here & need some help.

Seven years ago I found a lump in my neck below the ear. Fast forward after biopsy I had it removed as I was told it would turn into cancer if left. All fine. Now Ive found another lump same area just felt bigger & different. Also my voice went horsey months ago & has never come back (thought it was just a virus) & went through a stage of having trouble swallowing (again thought it was nothing). had my biopsy done on the 20th May & was told this is in my parotid gland,she didn’t know what it was (first time they were sure it was fine & were right) She said she was sending it urgently & requesting a urgent ENT appointment aswell as saying that I should expect more scans including a MRI. Well I ain’t that stupid to know why they would want a MRI scan! 
Now I’m still waiting which is driving me crazy which I know I ain’t alone. I’m just really scared with this one because it’s so different. 

  • Hi. It’s the waiting game which  we all know is the worst part . Keep off dr google try to keep busy. Don’t go looking for answers until you’ve got a definitive diagnosis you’ll only scare yourself even more than you are already. 
    There’s others on here if it’s parotid cancer not a great number but a few. 



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  • Good evening Mumof5, im afraid the waiting can be the worst part for some people thankfully for me i just kept myself busy and did not dwell on it too much and kept clear of Google. You have to accept that it may not be anything sinister and see what the scan results come back with they can then plan a treatment plan if needed. You should hear from your consultant very soon, i would suggest waiting until two weeks and then contacting them. Good luck with the results, take care.

                                                Chris x

    Its sometimes not easy but its worth it ! 

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  • Hi sorry to hear of the worrying Lump Fingers crossedMRi apt comes soon.

    This is such a distressing time when your anxious brain just doesnt stop .

    Try and keep it busy I watched anything and everything on Netfix I couldnt concentrate on doing anything else.

    Stay off the internet ! I didnt and it spiralled me thankfully I was picked up by the lovely people on this group who helped me to manage every step of my journey.

    Hope you hear something soon x