Possible vocal cord cancer

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My husband has just had a microlaryngoscopy, biopsy and removal of lesion under anaesthetic.  The two sets of biopsies,  6 months and three months prior to this, were inconclusive because of insufficient material.  The set at 3 months was said to be at least pre-cancerous compared with the 6 month previous which were "mild".  He's 83 and has previously had a stroke as well has having been diagnosed with Cognitive impairment and epilepsy.  What I'm wondering is whether anyone on here has had a diagnosis of cancer of the vocal cord and refused further treatment after lesion removal.  He is adamant he won't have RT if it's suggested.  Would the after effects of RT be as horrid as many of you have described from your treatments?

  • Would the after effects of RT be as horrid as many of you have described from your treatments?


    So sorry to hear about your husband. Yes RT is a pretty aggressive and brutal treatment though being targeted at the larynx I wouldn’t expect much in the way of mouth sores. 
    The only other alternative to save his life might be a total laryngectomy. There is much to discuss with his oncologist. They may indeed suggest that palliative care is the option.

    I wish you well in your decision. 


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  • Hi Popsyboy

    I am sorry to read your entry and the concern for your Husband and vocal cord cancer, as Dani says RT is extremely destructive practically in the throat area, I had a Laryngectomy and refused RT after as the way they described things I would have been back to prior op with talking for quite a while and for what I saw on this Forum I would suffer eating problems.

    What you describe with him regarding health they may be reluctant to carryout the operation as it is long and can have issues, all I can suggest as Dani says long and intensive questions with the Consultant, best write them down before you attend any meetings as they throw things at you and then you lose the script !

    I hope all can be sorted, both of you please take care

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