Throat cancer

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Hello . I'm.looking for some advice from a cancer nurse. Just over a year ago.i had a partial laryngectomy through a neck dissection. I've had trouble with my breathing ever since . Surgeon doesn't want to know.. waiting on a lung function test now. I also cannot sleep at night and worst still its starting during the day. Is that I have terrible irritation in my throat making me cough for like 20 mins at a time swallowing constantly and nearly being sick I've tried different pillows ways of sleeping cough mixtures water you name it I've tried nothing helps . I was in 2 weeks ago seeing surgeon .a different surgeon to my usual one he mentioned its went hard ....... then went to see my surgeon who is the consultant .but came back and went off topic. So I'm none the wiser . Look forward to hearing from you 

  • Hi  so sorry you seem to be getting no help. 
    There is a section called ask a nurse you could try

    But I think you have to phone your CNS and insist your team see you again and make sure you understand what they are telling you and the consequences of what’s happening. Best wishes 


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    I wrote a blog about my cancer. just click on the link below 

    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm

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  • Thanks for your answer Blush sometimes I don't want to know more if you know what I mean I've had hospice out and they told me I'd need a total laryngectomy  and it would give me a year maybe 2 Thinking this will be 10 years now I've had it 14 ops ltr   never smoked in my life  don't drink either but .... you know what they say .... what for you won't go by you 

  • Good evening Barneyboy, i have had a full laryngectomy and have not had any issues with my breathing, only when i jog or run it becomes more noticeable. Maybe the cough mixtures are also irritating your throat, i would ask for another appointment with your consultant and maybe get some x-rays or scans done to see if anything is causing the irritation, good luck with the lung function test. All the best.

                                                                                 Chris .

    Its sometimes not easy but its worth it ! 

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  • Cheers for your reply m8. The surgeon  has halved my airway  doing operation  plus I have granulomas in throat I think this is what's causing  the problem  I just passed one part of the lung function test   40 being a pass but not great I got 50  should be 70+ I see surgeon  every 12 weeks in fact it was every 8 weeks up until February  this year