Hi need some advice plz


i am 43 year old male, dont drink or smoke , quite fit go to gym 3 times a week, but suffer from really bad anxiety.

for around 3 months i have has a sore throat on right side, also right ear felt weird, this would only lass a few hours then i was fine, it would come and go i might not have it for 5 days then it would come back for a few hours then go away again, so i never thought anything of it. but on saturday 24th it came back and its constatly there, so now i think i have throat cancer, i went to doctors yesterday, he checked my throat with his hand s and looked it my mouth and told me everything looked fine. and sent me home, didnt know what it could be.

one think i read online working with metal working fluids may give throat cancer, which i do in my job, this is the bit thats probably kicked my anxiety off.

my symtoms are sore throat on right side slightly feel dry, that sometimes goes up into right ear, the pain feels like a 2 out of 10, my ear feels like when you get water in your ear after shower.

i can swallow ok and it feels ok to eat

i tried paracemtol but didnt make any differance.

i think my anxiety is making problem alot worse because i am constatly thinking about it every second of the day. and cannot sleep thinking about it

i am really panicking about it and think i going to die, cannot cope feels like  i going mad.

Doe throat cancer come on really quick i felt perfectly fine a few days ago, it feels like my throat is getting worse and closing up? this could be anxiety thou?

with my anxiety it seem to enhace the problem and make it alots worse, as i constanty think about it.

any advice



  • Alan. My daughter suffers from a health anxiety and I am used to having to pick up the pieces so I do know how you feel. 
    I know all that is going to make you feel better is a proper examination so might I suggest you return to your GP and explain again and be very firm that you want a consultant ENT opinion. 
    Having said that most cases that are referred even where the GP suspects something are NOT cancer. 

    Please stay off Google because that is going to fuel the fire and you will get no peace at all 

    if you can’t get an NHS appointment get a private one. They are not expensive in the grander scheme of things snd should anything come of it the NHS will seamlessly take over 

    Best wishes and I hope you get an answer soon 

  • Hi Alan I can’t add to what Dani has put.  But reiterate keep off Dr Google please. You can diagnose anything on google. When I was out on the fast track cancer pathway even then I was told 99 % of referrals are not cancer. I was the 1% that was. Go back to g p if you can’t sleep because if the worry 


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    My blog is www.radioactiveraz.wordpress.com Where I give my account of h p v 16+ tonsil cancer Now 3 years post treatment. 35 radiotherapy 2 chemo T2N2NM 

  • Good evening Alan, please do not believe all you read, my job was a shipwright that involved welding, oxy-acetylene burning, grinding, sanding etc but i asked my consultant if these could have aided the cancer,he said no, im just one of the unlucky people, you do not have to drink or smoke to get cancer although it does not help. I totally agree with the ladies about looking on Google because all it does is cause unnecessary worry like you are going through now. Sure signs of cancer are weight loss, loss of appetite, and tiredness plus gradual changes in the normal functioning of the body.,like an ulcer or swelling that does not go away, or continued bad throat or cough or sore throat. If you are still feeling unwell in a couple of weeks then please go to see your Dr or get a second opinion, im sure if there is any doubt or slight abnormality in your mouth you would/will be sent to see a Head and Neck consultant. Please do not think you are going to die as you are far from that. I hope you manage to sort this issue out with your Dr or another Dr, all the best.



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  • Hi 

    i have now seen 2 ent specialists, both put a camera down my throat and couldn't see anything,

    they said following

    tonsils are symmetrical

    no focal lesions

    no cervical lymphadenopathy

    i do have significant anteropsterior constriction of the supraglottis which is commonly seen in people with anxiety.

    both consultants thought it could be silent reflux? but i dont think it is as have been taking gavison etc and nothing has changed

    my throat is still really sore and getting worse on the right side, its seems to be better when i first get up in the morning for the first hour? i am thinking about my throat every second of the day its starting to send me mad, i am now off work with it, honestly dont know what to do? the anxiety isn't helping matters, was given anti anxiety meds but put my heart into atrial fibilation.

    any advice 

    best regards


  • Hi Alan. It’s good news that nothing was found. Anti anxiety drugs often have to be tailored to each person and often what suits one person doesn’t suit another. My step son in law was given propranolol which did exactly the same. In my experience therapy has to be two fold with drugs and CBT. One reinforces the other. In these Covid times organising the latter has been difficult but hopefully things are easing. 
    Anxiety is a serious condition so do think about going back to your GP and to ask if you could have a referral

    Wishing you the best 

  • both consultants thought it could be silent reflux? but i dont think it is as have been taking gavison etc and nothing has changed


    Gaviscon can be pretty much useless. 
    I suffer from reflux and it doesn’t touch it. I am on Lansoprazole 

  • Hi i have been taking lansopazole 30mg aswell, but think I will stop taking my gaviscon. Wish this sore throat would go sick of it now, still thinking the worst and I have somthing seriously wrong with it. If I had throat cancer would the camera down throat usually see somthing wrong ? Or do yous think I should get a mri? Also why do you get throat pain with throat cancer? 

    Its also strange no pain killers or medication take away my sore throat? 

    Sorry for all questions just worried cannot help it. 



  • Alan I didn’t have any pain. The most common presentation of throat cancer is a swollen painless lymph node in your neck. 
    some people do get pain as the initial symptom fair enough but not many. 
    Re the MRI, what did your consultant suggest? 

  • The ent specialist said I could get a mri if I wanted one, my lymph nodes I was told were not swollen, I am just a really anxious person and worry about everything, a normal person would of been happy that 2 specialists couldn't find anything and would of forgot about it. 

  • Then go for that MRI. If there’s cancer there the MRI will pick it up. Good  luck.