Throat Cancer? Head and Neck Cancer? Advice? Worried Sick....

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3 weeks ago, I started experiencing left sided ear pain when I swallow. I ignored it, assuming that it would clear up. Finally, I decided to go to the doctor assuming that I had an ear infection. By this point, my lymphs nodes in my neck had begun to get bigger and tender to touch. The doctor couldn't find anything wrong, so she told to me take allergy medication. A week later, nothing changed, and I went to a different GP. This time, fluid was found behind my ears and my throat was red and sore. They said nothing looked infected, so they gave me a steroid injection. Still, no changes. I have now seen a different GP, she saw a very red throat and fluid behind the ears. She prescribed Augmentin and Prednisone. I have been taking these for 3 days, but I still haven't noticed anything improving. 

My symptoms are: sharp pain under chin when swallowing, pain when moving tongue, ear pain and fullness, sore throat (raw feeling), swollen lymph nodes, and headache. 

Dr. Google has me very worried and stressed. I am not sure where to go from here.....

I am a 23 year old female who is otherwise healthy. 

Advice/Stories/Experience is welcome! Please help!

  • Good evening ans006 , i think you have made a mistake by looking all this up on google as you have now convinced yourself that you have cancer. You have done the right thing by seeing the Dr who could see nothing wrong and all of these symptoms do not necessarily mean its cancer until it has been checked by a consultant. If i was you i would finish the course of medicine you are on and if there is still no change then go back to the Drs so they can do further checks or refer you to see a consultant. I never had any of these symptoms in my 3 cancers so try not to get stressed out at the moment as the Drs are not too concerned at the moment and im sure they will examine you again once you finish your medicine, as most of them take three days before getting into the system,  they will then decide if you need to see a consultant in head and neck. Wishing you all the best, take care.


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