Swimming - Post Operation

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I'm thinking of booking a holiday next year to give me something to look forward to! Can anyone tell me roughly how long after the operation they were able to go swimming?



  • Hi Anthony,

    I can’t see any reason why you can’t go swimming as soon as you’re feeling up to it and have got rid of any feeding tubes and PICC lines. Haven’t been swimming myself yet but, once the sea temperature warms up a bit, I certainly intend to. Best wishes, CB

  • If you're referring to a holiday next year, I'm certain that would be fine. I'm 9 months post op and would swim now... in a pool. I wouldn't in the sea, but only because of water cleanliness where I live! (The Solent is my local sea). If you're concerned though, ask your team for reassurance. I'm sure they'll give that to you, rather than a niggling worry spoiling your holiday.

  • There's no reason for not swimming indeed! I'm looking forward to it and returning to my favourite paddle sport. Oh yes.

    Just make sure that the wound from your JEJ tube is fully healed, the same goes for PICC line (that one will heal a lot earlier than your JEJ's. 

    Also, check the quality of the water before you go. You know that your immune system will be completely out of whack. You don't want to develop a nast infection on the top of every.

    Don't overdo it! That might be very tempting Wink

    Best wishes ! SeaSurf