Fortisip Drinks

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I've received some sample Fortisip drinks to try prior to having the operation.

I was flabbergasted when I read the nutritional information on this product. While it does provide a lot of protein and calories it also contains a huge amount of sugars, around 30g per drink! I'm all for getting the calories up but to incorporate this amount of carbs isn't healthy, especially for Diabetics like myself.

I think I'll be sticking to my high protein, high calorie, low carb protein powders! What do others think about the promotion of Fortisip?


  • Hi Anthony 

    I understand your thoughts however Fortisip kept me alive when my tumour blocked my oesophagus completely so I was nil by mouth, and I had to syringe 6 Fortisip a day into my stomach feeding tube. I'm not diabetic so that wasn't an issue, and I was grateful for them. If you have an alternative then I can understand why you'd rather stick with that. 

    I thought the banana one was particularly horrible! Eventually I was given a neutral flavour which was much more tolerable. 


  • Thank you Amanda, I'm fortunate in that my tumour doesn't affect my eating too badly. I can certainly understand why you were given them. The other advantage of the protein drinks is that there's about 20 different flavours so something for everyone!

  • I found the Fortisips nauseating and left me clammy. Fortijuice was more palatable for me. Once home the GP prescribed ActaGain juce which I could slug back with some ease. 
    I do find Huel protein powers the best.


  • Yes I agree! I love Huel and Bulk powders! Ironically I've been having them for quite some time as part of my low carb keto type diet!

  • I tried the Fortisip drinks for a while but found them quite nauseating to get down and got to the stage when even the smell of them would make me wretch and I returned the whole lot I had left to the pharmacy and stuck with my own banana milkshakes made with ice cream and full fat milk. CB