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Hi guys

My girlfriend aged 36 has just been diagnosed with this awful disease its a t4an3cm1 9cm in the osphucus its spread to her liver and lymphnodes... we are currently awaiting results from the hospital but was sent home with a discharge letter stating these codes and as you can imagine a Google dr has been awfully scary, she's currently in bed next to me, severe chest pains. Vomiting, been stuck in bed for the last 4 days since discharge.... she is probably now sleeping for 18 hours of the day, and completely wiped out from the moment she wakes up!!  Any and all advise would be welcomed and we are so confused.

She had an endscopey but the dr didn't go down far enough as he misread the notes and was looking for a bleed (as she ahd vomited blood) not the cancer, only took a small sample for biopsy which we get the results for inn10ndays,  and we now have Togo again in 2 weeks Togo further down !!

Meanwhile her health at home has deteriorated at such an alarming rate in the las lt couple of months 

Sorry for ant spelling mistakes!!! Cry 

  • I'm really sorry to hear this. I would have thought in her condition she should really be in hospital as that's the best place to give her any treatment she might need.

    Wishing you all the very best 


  • So sorry to read this . I really hope that you get the help that you need for your girlfriend to make her more comfortable. 

    Sending love

    Vonn xxl

  • Hi Bigjay. So sorry to hear of the pain and discomfort your girlfriend is going through. Although you are waiting for the results of tests I would urge you to contact your GP and explain her current situation - she needs help now, and it’s best not to leave these things. Hope she can get some help quickly. Best wishes, Julie

  • Hi So sorry to hear what your girlfriend is going through ..As others have said she needs medical attention..I suggest phoning the out of hours GP service asap  ..explain her symptoms and ask  for advice ..You should not be trying to cope with this on your own .

    regards J 

  • Hi,

    I'm so sorry to hear what you girlfriend is going through. It's a horrible journey to go through. I hope this gives you some positivity... My dad also was diagnosed with oesphagus cancer that had spread to his liver and lymph nodes. He has just currently had treatment 4. Last scans show no further spread and tumour has shrunk! He is eating much better now and apart from after chemotherapy which wipes him out he bounces back and feels much better a week later. He still has pain in his back but it's manageable. 

    I fought for slow release morphine tablets from his doctor for him and they have helped alot with managing pain. Awaiting treatment is the worst part but hopefully once treatment does start symptoms may ease for your girlfriend.

    Please do not hesitate to reach out for support.

    Stay strong.

  • Thanks for all the measages and advise I will ring a gp this morning... it was a night full of pain again tonight... 

  • Morning Bigjay

    I hope you get some help this morning.Thinking of you both .

    Vonn x

  • Maybe also try speaking to the oncology team.PrayThumbsup

  • Hey there Kayles,

    I’m very sorry to hear about your dad’s diagnosis and hope he’s doing well, as well as you. My dad has also being diagnosed with the same cancer hand has also spread to those same places.

    He’s very poorly and is taking a break from treatment at the moment as it’s making him too sick. He had a stent go in a couple months ago and he thinks it might have moved recently ae he can’t eat and has lost loads of weight. He’s going to get it looked at tomorrow so fingers crossed. From how the chemo has been affecting him, I’m afraid he won’t want to go back to treatment as he know it’s not curable. 

    Im not really sure what the point of this response was, just trying to find any glimmer of positivity/ comfort at this time from someone who may know my situation. 

    Nancy xx

  • Hi Nover1997,

    It's good that you have reached out as it's such a terrible journey for individuals and loved ones to go through. 

    My dad has just had round 5 of chemotherapy. The consultant said these last 2 sessions would be hard core and he wasn't lying. He felt like he got run over the night of chemo and is extremely fatigued, however apart from the tiredness he is starting to pick back up and went out for a short while yesterday. I've been buying him support pillows and heat packs to make him more comfortable while sitting for him as his back pain is still there and came back with a vengeance! 

    It's so hard watching them go through this as you feel helpless as there isn't much you can do but watch and be there. 

    I'm so sorry your dad has decided to stop chemotherapy. That must be heartbreaking for you all. 

    Please remind him it may not be curable but it still can be treatable. We finally had the full results back from his last CT and his liver tumour has nearly dispersed and his oesphagus tumour has shrunk and no further spread anywhere else. He is eating much better and can even swallow bread again, which I think is a brilliant sign in itself. We know we are very fortunate to see some good results from chemotherapy but it can do wonderful things. We do have the unknown once he has had his last chemotherapy session of what is next? But we will get to that when we get to it. 

    We are making the most of every moment as a family together and went to RAF cosford the other week and I took him on a helicopter ride. 

    Stay strong and never feel like your alone. If you ever need to chat please reach out, I will always listen or I'm sure someone else on here will.

    Take care, Kayleigh x