Feeling lost and overwhelmed

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Hi, my mum was diagnosed with this terrible cancer. 
she is on FLOT Chemo. She has had 2 lots. Each time she has ended up in hospital. It is now 4am and I am sitting next to her in a hospital bed. Watching, blood, antibiotics and fluids going through her. She has fallen asleep now which I am so relieved. 
We were told it was a long and difficult road ahead. Now we are in it I don’t think anything can prepare you for the rollercoaster ride. I learnt very early on that there is no certainty with Cancer it’s cruel and unpredictable. 
my mum feels her body is giving up. I tell her it’s the Chemo we are in hospital so they can help your body get strong again, to carry on fighting. She is also having problems eating and drinking. Then just before she has to have the next lot of Chemo she can drink and eat a bit more. After Chemo it becomes a problem again. Has this happened to anyone else on here? 
Thank you for listening. 
47 Hope 

  • Hi  

    Sorry I have no experience of this kind of cancer since my wife has Leiomyosarcoma so things are quite a lot different for us. Certainly I get the bit about the rollercoaster though as this is a very common feeling across many fora on here.

    Your post attracted my attention with the headline - feeling lost and overwhelmed since I certainly recognize that from my time so well done for reaching out on here. I know I was pretty much broken when my wife was in hospital and I walked in to my local Maggie's centre.

    Eventually I did a living with less stress course that really helped me. The biggest help in the course was training to live in the here and now and enjoy what we have. The conscious breathing skills were great too in helping me when life decided to throw us an extra curve ball - that old saying "step back and take a deep breath".

    I am so glad to I found the online community. I normally post mostly in the Family and friends forum and the Carers only forum because I was surprised how hard it was to be there for someone with cancer especially when Janice had to keep reminding me to look after myself and my son.

    Hope your mum is having a better day and fingers crossed for good news going forward.



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  • Hello 47Hope

    It was 9 days ago that you wrote you post, I hope your Mum is feeling better, my eating and drinking improved after the 2nd lot of FLOT, this being a good sign that the chemo is doing its job. I also do have throat side effects from the chemo it’s self, I had it with the pre op FLOT  and now with the post op FLOT. It will go once chemo stops. I have learnt on this tough journey it is not always the cancer causing the symptoms. 
    Is there a Macmillan centre near you, they can offer advice and support for your Mum and yourself, also your upper GI team and dietitian.

    Best wishes Jennie Sparkles