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My only brother has stage 3 Oesophageal Cancer and is due to have a stent done next week due to blockages. In July it is planned that he will start chemo tablets. He had his first symptoms on 28th February. He also has Parkinson’s Disease.  He is not coping very well with the diagnosis. He believes he has very little time.  We have always been very close but since the diagnosis he has been pushing me away and won’t let me visit him or help out. I know he must be going through a lot of turmoil and I want to support him but he has pushed me away. Has anyone in the group experienced this with a loved one?

  • Hi Elizabeth, 

    I haven’t had the same experience in terms of being pushed away but I think every person reacts differently to this diagnosis and it takes time to adjust to the situation. I would say to keep reaching out and letting your brother know you are there when he is ready. This processing time is really tough; my experience is that my bf went through lots of different emotional phases and each one was challenging in a different way. Telling him how you feel is of course another option; and how you want to help. My bf had the option of psychological support via the hospital too so that could be worth exploring. Try and look after yourself too in the meantime.