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Hi I'm just new to the group. I was diagnosed with oesphageal cancer stage 3 December 23 . I could not eat at Christmas and early January I was prescribed for sips high calorie drinks. After 2nd flot treatment I was able to eat so tumour shrunk. It had spread to my lympnnode on my collarbone only 6mm and I had 3 lymp nodes around the oesphagus which had cancer. I was told on my last pet scan that the treatment was working really good and had taken away the cancerous lymp nodes. Now they are giving me 2 more so that will be 6 begore surgery im feeling tired now but i just have to jeep going, presume there trying to shrink tumour for operation. Flot is strong chem no doubt. I just feel it hard to take in I have cancer still. Somedays I'm fine other days I'm so scared. I'm 47 never smoked ate healthy and a moderate drinker so i wasnt typical perdon to fet it the doctor said. So it felt very unfair but that's cancer anyone can get it. It's lovely to read all the messages from people stay positive keep strong 

  • Hi Lollypops

    Mine's a similar story to yours. Started experiencing intermittent dysphagia just after Christmas and was diagnosed stage2/3 after endoscopy, CT and PET scan. I'm starting my treatment next week and am a bit apprehensive but I know it's the only way to beat this annoying little bas**rd!

    Like you I was the proverbial fit as a flea type before all of this and never dreamed I was a candidate for it. Never smoked, drank very little and had an excellent diet and exercise regime. WishingSlight smile you alExpressionlessl the best in the rest of your journey to recovery Slight smile

  • Unfortunately oesophageal cancer is one of those ones that strikes at random, with its victim very often having done nothing to deserve it. If they are talking about surgery, then that’s a positive sign. There is no doubt that you have a long and difficult road ahead of you but there are plenty of stories on here of others who have travelled it before you. There will be plenty of advice and support available on this forum if you want it. Good luck to you

  • Dear Lollypops1234. I’m sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I think your comment ‘I just feel it hard to take in I have cancer’ is something most of us have felt. I certainly did. I thought it was going to be a case of an endoscopy to confirm I didn’t have cancer, not to give me the shocking, out of the blue news, that I more than likely had cancer. My symptoms were intermittent problems with swallowing some foods. After the initial shock, I kept thinking that at least I didn’t leave it any longer before going to the Doctor, and you must think that too. Keep focusing on the good the Chemo is doing and the fact that you’re fighting back. There is a plan for you to beat this. Keep strong and reach out to this forum whenever you need to connect. With best wishes, Julie

    1. Thank you. I'm from Ireland does not seem to be a forum on oesphageal cancer . Maybe because not as common then obviously smaller population its lovely to chat to people and read there stories. X
  • Hi Lollypops1234,

    I’m from Northern Ireland. You should check out ogcancerni.com. It’s a local charity & support group

  • Thankyou Julie are you over your treatment now ?

  • Hi Lollypops1234. I have finished all of my treatment thank you. It was almost a year ago today (the 10th of May actually) when I was told that I had Squamous Cell Cancer of the Oesophagus. Things moved very quickly and I had Chemo and Radiotherapy during the months of June and July. I was left to recover for 10 weeks (and I must admit I felt pretty good during this time) and then had surgery (3-way Oesophagotomy) at Addenbrookes in Cambridge. I was making a good recovery and was doing well until I had a blip at the beginning of April when I had what I thought was food poisoning (but now I’m not so sure) which wiped me out for a week. I then had a foul attack of acid reflux (which hadn’t bothered me before) and I needed to go into hospital to be treated for aspiration pneumonia. It was a rotten two weeks but I’m so much better now. It did knock my confidence though. I’m off to Majorca with my husband, my two grown up children, their partners and two little grandchildren on Saturday. Fingers crossed I continue to be healthy.
    I hope that you find this forum useful and to know that whatever you’re feeling, most of us have felt it too. I hope your treatment goes well and you continue to be strong. With best wishes, Julie