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Hi, new here but really reaching out for help and suggestions.

My sister has oesophagal cancer, diagnosed and having treatment for over a year, it has been stop start and two different types of treatment, the cancer levels are now coming down and the tumour had shrunk 25%. At this time the treatment has started to really take its toll on her body.   She could not have cancer treatment this week as has lost 4kg in weight and is now 6.6 stone in weight. I know there is a huge lack in protein due to dislike of dairy products etc that her body desperately needs, she is having protein water that has 20 grams of protein in but one of two of these per day is not enough as advised by her dietician, she needs at least 50g However I have tried to persuade her to try tasteless protein whey but has refused and the dietician is basically agreeing with my sister, in not even trying this. I am trying to find out if there are any protein tablets or capsules that she could take to boost her protein intake to build up muscle mass and help to put weight on and increase her chances of starting her treatment again that is suitable for someone with cancer. My sister does have stents fitted so she can swallow tablets and food and as far as her dietician is concerned they have exhausted all options.

Any suggestions or if anyone else is having a similar issue, I am trying to help my sister to build up her muscles so she can walk and drive her car without feeling wobbly and weak.

Sorry for the long read but Thank you for taking the time.


  • If you can double up on the protein shakes, make them with full fat milk then she will get around 44g of protein and plenty of fat from the milk. Each drink will provide around 600kcals, make sure you buy good quality powders as the cheaper ones can only be mixed with water. Can she tolerate nuts and cheeses as these are great sources of fat, protein and obviously high in calories 

  • Unfortunately my sister will not drink protein shakes of any kind, she doesn’t like milk, nuts, cheese, red meat. Refuses to even try tasteless protein powder mixed in with gravy etc  and cannot get her weight above 46kg

  • Hi

    Just a thought.... a lot of us have had Fortisip drinks during our treatment. They do a plant based vegan one, would that be any use? 

    Also Ensure have a plant based vegan nutrition shake. 

    Hope you can find some way to get your sister to take more nutrition. 

    Take care,


  • They also do Fortijuice which I found more palatable. My GP prescribed ActaGain juce similar to Fortijuice although more protein at 12 g.

    I now consume Huel protein drink with 21g of protein and loads of vitamins and minerals 

  • Hi Amanda thank you I will have a look into this. Thank you for taking the time to read and reply it really is appreciated. Best wishes and thankyou, maybe I'll be able to give an update if she even tries it that would be great. 

  • Thankyou, I have also been looking on Huel and I know she won't try the protein powders but also looked at their protein bars which are also high protein. Due to her weight loss she has been in hospital since Tuesday along with an infection. The sooner we can get her trying more things with high protein the better but she is one stubborn sister.Thank you for reading will certainly look infinity juices. Best wishes.