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I've recently been diagnosed. What a wirlwind it has been. There is a history of hiatus hernia in my mother's side of the family. My older sister and I had the operation on the same day in 1981. My Mum was getting regular checks for Barretts and they found cancer of the osephagus last May, she is 80. Mum had chemo and radiotherapy. Always had a positive attitude. I was having a few problems and had a gastroscope on 17th Feb this year. I was told I had a hiatus hernia again. Before doing the gastroscope, the Consultant said he would take some biopsies. On 15th March, I visited my GP, the biopsy report wasn't back yet but he had the consultant report back which only mentioned the hernia, no Barrett's or cancer. I got a phone call from the local hospital on 28th March, for an appointment on 3rd April. It was a different Dr. He informed me the biopsies were cancerous. I've seen a Dr who thought he could remove it under a gastroscope, but was unable too. He told me my barretts was quite bad. I had another appointment last week with another consultant, who discussed removing part of my stomach and osephagus. I ve had ct scan, pet scan which it's not in any nodes or hasn't spread. I had another gastroscope yesterday with ultrasound, the Dr mentioned T2. He said it will be discussed at a meeting on Friday.  This waiting game is absolute torture. I'm so confused that nothing was seen on my first gastroscope.

  • Hi FW75

    i was diagnosed last month , the waiting game for all the scan results  are the worse , but as soon as your treatment plan is sorted you will start to feel a bit better and just want to get it over with , I had breast cancer last year and went through chemotherapy and radiotherapy , I think it was about four months but it went quickly, now l got to go through chemotherapy and radiotherapy to treat this oesophageal cancer cannot have a operation but they have told me it’s treatable . 
    Honestly you will be fine before you look around the weeks will past and it will be all over take every day a step at a time keep, positive, keep active . With my breast cancer I put it in my head it was a job l had to do so every time l went to chemotherapy and radiotherapy it was a days work I did the job and came home at the end of it and when all the treatment had finished l was finally made redundant.

    take care

    jayne xx

  • Hi FW75. It is such a shock, especially as you’d had a few non committal responses before finally being told of the diagnosis. For me, I was told immediately after the endoscope that things looked suspicious and they’d taken biopsies there and then. I was given a CT scan within the next few days and told a week later it was Squamous Cell Cancer, Grade 2/3 N0 M0. I also had a PET Scan which confirmed the N0M0, i.e. no spread. I just didn’t know what to think. I soon found the OPA (Oesophageal Patient Association) plus this site to read as much as I could about my situation, which helped me feel less alone and more informed.
    Now you have the scan results I’m sure you’ll find treatment gets underway quickly. I do sense your feeling of shock and disbelief but I found the success stories comforting. I agree with JaneyM1, that all the appointments for Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy were best treated as days and weeks that would completely control our lives, a bit like work; something to get through. After everything had finished for me, I wrote a blog, which can be found by tapping on my name. I wish you a speedy response from the medics and hope that you get few side effects from the treatment. With best wishes, Julie 

  • Thank you for your reply. I'm trying to keep as active as possible. It's the waiting. I'm generally a very impatient person. If somethings needs done, let's get it done.  I had a gastroscope with ultrasound last Tuesday. I got a call from the specialist nurse on Friday, after the mdm. She said I'm a candidate for surgery and probably need chemo before surgery. I've to see oncology this Thursday. I'm under the same consultants and team as my Mum. I'm trying to keep my fitness up as much as possible. My husband is a Veteran, we were at an activity weekend for veterans last weekend. I took part in all the activities, even done archery.