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  1. Hi everyone. New to this wonderful service and very sad to be here. My beautiful mum (70 non smoker non drinker) has been diagnosed with a significant adenocarcinoma of the lower oesophagus. We are awaiting a PET scan to confirm lung metastasis, and have been told to expect as much by the team. It’s a very small lung nodule at present , but I suppose it doesn’t matter it’s still Stage 4 and we are all just devastated. I was just hoping any of you warriors could give some advice about how you coped , how your loved ones helped care for you and any advice you have for upcoming chemo and radiation. Trying to organise myself to give her the best chance we can , but I know so much is out of our control. I’m 32 myself and the thoughts of a life without my mum has me floored, but it’s not about me. Thanks everyone. 
  • I’m new too! So devastated to hear your news. I’m going through a similar thing. My Mum, just turned 77, has been battling colon and rectum cancer. Following treatment and surgery, we found out in January that the cancer has metastasised to her lungs. Unfortunately, she has been given a terminal diagnosis. I’m hoping for advice from others as to what to expect when she begins to deteriorate. 

  • Im so sorry to hear your news also. The loss of any loved one is so hard. Mothers are such a huge part of most peoples lives. Your mum sounds like she’s been through so much and fought so hard. She deserves so much better. I hope you’re able to get some advice it’s an awful thing to have to face. X 

  • Hi

    So sorry to hear about your mum, you have come to the right place, I have made some lovely friends on here and everyone has helped me so much.

    My husband is 56 diagnosed December, adenocarcinoma in the middle of the oesophagus with a small nodule to the liver, Stage 4 inoperable.

    My husband didn't start chemo until late March which was a long wait.

    I have great family support but it is a rollercoaster of emotions, I usually go to work and have a good cry.

    My husband has good and bad days and it is horrible to see him on his bad days suffering so much.

    He has suffered with chemo and side effects.

    But all I can say is stay strong, stay positive and never give up, everyone is a fighter.

    And you can always come on here to talk and rant and we are all here to listen.


  • Thank you for your reply Angie. I’m so sorry to hear your news your husband is so young to face such an awful thing. I had a head start on other family members in the saddness and fear because something in my gut knew my mam was in trouble the day she went to the GP. She’s had adenocarcinoma of the endometrium in 2009 and multiple brain menginomas and I never felt like I do now. But she’s a fighter and as you said we have to try stay strong and positive. Yes I’m dreading the chemo it will be so hard on her but hopefully it will provide her with something. Wishing all the best for you and your husband x 

  • Hi Aliz

    Thanks for reaching out to the forum, you are very welcome.

    It is always devastating to hear that our love ones have any kind of disease which can be life changing or life limiting and fully understandable that you would be floored by the thoughts that you have linked to your Mum's diagnosis. 

    My husband did not have radiotherapy, so it is not something that I can offer any thoughts on, but I can say, that as someone who wants to be as supportive and present throughout whatever my husband goes through, the only way to do that is to take one day at a time.. there are positive and negative experiences on this forum, there is a lot to take in, but everyone is different, their support needs are different, as are their side effects, be led by your Mum, where possible do not think of the negative end result too often, sometimes, even with Stage 4 cancer, there is hope and I hope that your Mum has good treatment that reacts well for her and causes her limited side effects. 

    Good Luck 


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