Who knew burping could be so lethal!

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Hi I'm a newly diagnosed esophageal cancer patient. The only reason I went to the docs was because I'd had a few intermittent episodes of regurgitation, but usually after a few too many beers so wasn't at all worried.

That was on the 18th of March and in the subsequent three weeks I've had an endoscopy which found a "worrying lump" at the bottom of my esophagus, had a biopsy taken, had a CT scan and just now a PET scan. I really cannot praise my experience with the NHS highly enough.

I'm expecting my results through very soon and then will embark on whatever treatment is necessary to get rid of this uninvited guest!

My advice to anyone is if you have ANY symptoms just get them checked out. I know most people don't want to burden their GP's with what might be something benign but you'll be saving them (and yourself) a lot of unnecessary grief in doing just that!

  • Credit to your GP for taking you seriously as well as you for going to see them.

    My first definite symptom was that I couldn't eat a Greggs sausage sandwich. Two weeks later, after a number of similar problems, I had done the Google thing and saw no other explanation so I filled in an online form at my Doctors. Two hours later they called me in. 

    Good luck with the treatment