Oesophageal Cancer

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2023 diagnosed with breast cancer went through mastectomy,chemotherapy and radiotherapy 12 months on feeling a lot better getting back to normal today diagnosed with oesophageal cancer I am now booked in to have a CT scan next week then the following week booked into to see specialist to have results of CT scan and to know what’s next but I’ve been told that chemotherapy is in the treatment plan.  
 Any advise would be appreciated 

  • A sad welcome to this group JaneyM1. You will be able to receive lots of advice here but, at the moment, you are in the waiting period between diagnosis and treatment plan. That’s one of the toughest places to be but, once you know this then there will definitely be people here who have been through the same treatment and will be able to share their own experiences. I was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer in October 2023. Since then, I had endoscopy, CT scan, PET scans, laparoscopy, 8 weeks of FLOT chemotherapy and am now recovering from the oesophagectomy surgery that I had on 29th Feb. While many people on here will have had similar journeys to my own, others’ treatment plans have been quite different. Once you’ve had your post-scan meeting then you’ll be in a better position to get the advice you’re looking for. Stay strong and positive. Best wishes CB

  • Janey 

    I am so sorry that you find yourself  on this journey . You have come to the right plave gor help and support  znd advice 

    My operation was on August 23 they had to take my whole stomach and i am on a long riad to recovery.  All i can say is trust your team seek advice from them dont  Doctor Google 

    Stay strong take care x

    Nic nac

  • Thank you I will keep you hodated

  • Sorry for my delayed response, have you had any further updates on treatment plan? 

    I will have a look through the posts to see if you have added any further comments. 


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