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Hi I'm new to this community but not to cancer as I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer a few years ago. The waiting I agree was so difficult for myself and my family.

Today I was informed I have tiny nodules on both lungs and was suddenly filled with dread and fear. They say they are to small for a biopsy and have been referred to respiratory for further tests. I would be most grateful for any support as I don't feel it's time to tell the kids till I know myself what I'm dealing with. Thank you all for being here and I pray god will guide you through these difficult times.

  • Hello   I have just read your post and noticed it's gone unanswered. I can't answer it myself as I have a different cancer, however by me replying your post will be "bumped" back to the top of the forum. There it will come to the notice of other forum members and you should receive some replies.

    I do hope you get some "good" results from your respiratory tests. I think you are right not to tell the kids until you have some answers. We didn't tell our adult kids of my diagnosis until we were sure and we know that was the right decision.

    Best wishes - Brian.

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  • Hey. Brian. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and well wishes. They are gradually received. I pray are doing well and have a blessed sundayBlue heart

  • Hi Nanny Meemaw, 

    I am sorry that I have not responded to this post before, have you been given more information since this post?

    I do hope the tests have been carried out by the respiratory team


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