Oesophagus Cancer

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My name is Sue, my husband is 73 and was diagnosed with oesophagus cancer in October 23,initially they were going to operate but we were then told some lymnoids close to the lungs were active and they were unable to operate, so we started Chemo in between circles we had a meeting with our oncologists registrar, who told us my husband cancer was stage 4 and prognosis was 12 months, all of this has come as such a complete shock.

He only had the  endoscopy because he has diabetic neurology and had been waiting 2 years for the examination as a last attempt to find our what had been causing his pain.

I feel very confused at the moment as to know how much quality time we have,  I was thinking if we were lucky 5 years I will ask on our next oncologist meeting, what to expect, trouble is you get told things which knock you for six and don't ask the right questions

  • Hi Sue, so sad to hear of your husband's diagnosis and prognosis. What a blow to get your heads around. I was floored when they told me I had cancer. I thought it was an ulcer or some sort of inflammation.

    Who knows how long any of us have, there are so many things that can bring your life to an end. It's so precious yet we tend not to consider how we live. Each day at a time to the best of your ability.

    You see so many stories on here where operations are not offered but the reasons are not always clear. I'd love to know more about the decision making process. For instance in your case, surely they could take away part of the lung if needed. 

    I hope you get all the answers you need as you go on. All my best to you and your husband. By the way mine was operable and I have recently completed treatment 

    Best regards.


  • Hi Rose Green, 

    I have just come across your post and wanted to reach out to you, 

    My husband was 51 when diagnosed with stage 4 OC, and given the same prognosis as your husband, that was in May 2020, so far, so good, treatment is working and he is doing ok,  So please keep as positive as you can, miracles do happen. 


    Call the helpline for free on 08088080000, 8am to 8pm everyday.
    Tomorrow is not promised but it always has potential. Aim for your potential!
  • Hi

    Thank you so much for the post you sent us, we are honestly staying positive we start 4th round of chemo next week then on the 9th Feb mid way scan so fingers crossed, once he starts getting over chemo he is a lot better than before treatment started so we are convinced it's working. 

    Hopefully yours husband good health continued

    Rose Green