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My dad as stage T4 N3 M1 osephogeal junction cancers with spread to whole of liver and evidence of stomach cancer. He is seeing oncologist on Monday to talk about possible palliative chemo. I want him to be offered chemo with every inch of my being if it will help him and buy him a little time . My sister is going with him and my mum for the appointment and says she is gonna fight for the palliative chemo for him. I'm worried my dad will have it to please others . Will oncologist agree to chemo if family demands or can they and will they say no if they know it is best for patient .? 

  • Hi ..Sorry to hear about your Dad’s situation.

    From our experience my husband always had the final say on accepting any treatment that was offered to him ..We as a family discussed matters with his medical team but the final decision was always his and the only one accepted by his consultant /oncologist .

    I’m assuming your Dad is of sound mind and is capable of making his own decisions and there isn’t anyone who has health and welfare power of attorney over him .

    regards J 

  • Thank you for your reply . Yes he is of sound mins but he worrying about us so much I'm worried   If we were to get upset he may agree to treatment for us and I want him to do it only if it's what he wants . Although we are in shock we understand it would be just be for palliative care but I worry my sister will push for treatment bless her  and dad  will do it for her . I'm really hoping that consultant will see that and encourage my dad to just think of himself and my mum xx

  • I’m sure the consultant and your Dad will come to a mutual decision on what treatment is right for your Dad. ..

    Hope all goes well

    regards J 

  • Thank you so much xx