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Hi everyone . Still in shock . My dear dad as been diagnosed with oesophageal junction cancer with evidence of stomach cancer and the is spread to the liver. T4 N3 M1 . At the moment he is on oramorph every 2hrs . Then slow release zomorph twice day and liquid paracetamol m Hes also about to start on steroids to try and help with pain. I feel so useles . He's declined so much in the 2wks since diagnoses. I just what to do all I can to support him. He's. waiting to see consultant oncologist to discuss palliative chemo but no date as yet . He's gone down hill so quickly . I'm scared if they don't start soon he might not be strong enough . Any advice or information would be amazing please 

  • Hi Janey,

    So sorry to hear this about your dad. Is he still eating ok? I think at the moment that’s probably the most important thing to keep his strength up for whatever chemo he is offered. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep making yourself eat, what with loss of appetite and swallowing difficulties but there are a variety of ways of ensuring that he receives the nutrients he needs. Your dietician should be able to support you with this. Best wishes, CB

  • Thank you for your reply. He is struggling to eat but he makes himself eat the things that he can bless him . Just need that oncology appointment . Gonna talk to palliative care nurses see if maybe Disappointed would benefit from 24hr drip. He feels like he's not got alot of strength but I don't know if 5hats down to the cancer as well Disappointed. Just wish I had a magic wand xx

  • Hi Janey, sorry you and dad find yourself here. Your dad's diagnosis and staging sound pretty severe but there are so many treatments and options available.

    Keep making a pest of yourself to push for an earlier appointment. Keep positive and strong.

    Good luck moving on.


  • Thank you so much for your kind words . Nurses up his slow release zomorph and said they wanted to give steroids couple more days to work to see if they help . Just wish his oncology app would hurry to discuss chemo xxxx