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I am 74 and quite fit and healthy but found out only at beginning of November I have stage 4 oesophagus cancer which has spread to my lungs. Had my first chemo session on the 15h Dec so now on Day 11 and feel pretty good just now. Now doubt that wiil change. This is all very new to me to glad to have a place to share my journey

  • Good luck with everything Rosie many here to help with your journey . 

  • Hi Rosie and welcome. Like the rest of us, I’m sure you never expected to find yourself here. Have you been given a treatment plan?

  • Thanks Cool Blue I have had my first chemo session on 15th .Every 21 days one day in hospital on drip, then rest on tablets. Max 6 sessions I think with tests.That is all I know so far, more will come. I am very lucky to live in West London, near the hospital so neo travel stress involved,

  • Hi there u sound like my mum diagnosed stage 4 start of November she had her 1st chemo now on her 21 days of tablets she also had a stent fitted to make eating easier 

  • I wish her luck, Catherine. I don't need a stent hopefully, am managing. OK. I will not be having any operation as spread to my lungs and Stage 4. Sound very scary but I feel OK, would never have known. Feeling postive but will have some more questions to ask them before my next round on the 12th.