Gullet cancer today

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Today we learnt the extent of my husbands gullet cancer and devastating news for our whole family. The tumour in his throat has almost closed the gullet and has to have a stent fitted tomorrow. We have been given approximately a year with chemo to extend his life, I can’t believe I’m writing this as so shocked but the tumours are also in his liver and some lymph nodes. How do you process this, it’s like grieving for someone but they are here still, I’m trembling with fear for him, we are so lost 

  • Big hugs. There is lots of information on here and supportive people. You’ll get through. One day at a time. xxx

  • Hi coach,

    So sorry that you find yourself here. Such devastating news. I was so worried after my diagnosis of oc and waiting for staging. After ten months of treatment I have had chemo and op and more chemo. I am very fortunate that my tumor was operable.

    I remember in the early days after diagnosis, I was pretty stoic and just thought, well if this is my time it's my time. How to tell my six grown up children was very traumatic. 

    Move forward in the hope that treatment will give you more time together. Who knows what new treatments are around the corner. Ask about all the various treatments and therapies that are available and look into trials.

    Try to stay positive and strong for each other.

    Good luck with your journey.

    Best regards


  • Hi my mum was diagnosed 6th Nov and I'm still in shock she only 62 they won't operate on her as its in her lymph nodes she started chemo few days ago but she doesn't want to no her prognosis there hasn't been a day that I haven't cried x

  • Hi Catherine what awful news for you both, its

    unbearable isn’t it, the numbness is paralysing physically and mentally. Crying is part Of this journey and I find myself staring at my husband and unable to imagine him not being there. Bringing in friends and family will be the support system we really need to help us through the lowest days and more importantly for the sufferer, each day counts and we will learn the hard way to grow stronger even if we don’t want to, we have no choice but talk, love and find ways to laugh to give the heart ache a rest. Love to you both xx

  • Thank you I’m trying to navigate my around this comfort blanket of a forum. Xx

  • Thank you Geo it’s comforting to know there are stories of better recoveries With hope. May I ask alittle about your diagnosis if itsnot too upsetting for you. was your cancer caught early so it hadn’t spread to other areas? My husband’s has spread, the hospitals lost valuable time messing about thinking he had kidney stones as he had pain by his diaphragm but was oc, almost two months lost. They said they won’t operate just hit him hard by aggressive chemo in two weeks, his stent went in today and it was comforting to see him eat without pain. X