New here , Oesophageal Cancer with metastasis, starting Chemo 28th December

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Hi folks , I’m male 52 yrs old with a beautiful family , my wife and two kids 19 & 16 ( m&f )

it’s all happened so quick , I have a large tumour in my mid oesophageal tract (6 cms long) and the PET scan revealed that it has metastasised to lymph modes on my LHS up to my neck.

this means no surgery yet. Also no radiotherapy yet.

chemo starts next week

all a bit crazy but I’m feeling like I can make it 

blessings to all

  • Of course you can make it. You’ve got a beautiful family to make it for. I’m a 59 year old with a wonderful wife (my absolute rock during all of this) 3 kids, 3 stepkids and 3 grandchildren, the youngest of whom just arrived into this world yesterday. I’m fighting this bastard disease for all of them! 

  • Dont give in the this horrible C fight with the right mind set .

    Support from your family,  and don't  forget we are now you're  family.  Support from GI nurses  and your medical team . If you get 5 mins read Geo s blog its a great help to many people . Stay strong take every days as it comes i know its hard but you can do this 

    Nic nac

  • Hello there u sound just like my mum she's 62 diagnosed 6th Nov chemo started few days ago they won't operate as it's in her lymph nodes she had a stent fitted she didn't want to no her prognosis 

  • That’s amazing man yes let’s fight with everything we have got ! Thanks for your reply and the best of strength to you and your family 

  • Thanks nic nac this is the vibe I love so much , people helping each other through tuff times . One love x I will read geo s blog many thanks , chat again

  • Hey Catherine I’m sorry to hear about your mum , I really hope she responds well to her treatment and would like to stay in touch with you guys as I experience my journey too. Thanks for reaching out and sharing . Your mum will be in my prayers and meditation practice . Stay strong and real and we will all make it . The real blessing is this kind of thing brings people together from all areas of life . We’re all one family really . Let’s do this