Lower oesophagus cancer diagnosis

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Mu husband had a meeting with specialist 20/11/23 following a ct scan 26/10/23 he had endoscopy 25th November where're were told there is a malignant tumour , he had a pet scan 3rd December and has an appointment today to see the consultant.  He's 61 years old and very scared as am I.  Any support will be amazing .

  • Hi Vonn,

    I too have had lower Oesophageal cancer and am just at the end of treatment. It's a long and very tiring journey for all involved.

    Sorry you find yourselves here.

    Please read my profile it is written like a diary of events. We are not all the same but it should give you a reasonable idea of what money come. Hope it goes southwest to answering a few questions.

    Best regards Geo.

  • Thanks  for your reply I'll look through your posts thanks you  Yvonne 

  • Thanks for sharing your story it's very I interesting,  we saw the consultant yesterday who confirmed the diagnosis T4aN0M0 mu husband now has to wait to see oncology consultant to discuss treatment .. its all.very scarey but we felt more positive after speaking with the consultant.