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12 days post diagnosis for my better half and we are on the fast track. He is taking it as it comes. I am overwhelmed with anxiety about what there is to face. Disappointed

  • This is so hard. Just take one day at a time. And use these forums and ask questions of those who have been through it or going through it. Lots of hugs. xx

  • Thank you. I’m hoping once the shock wears off and we have a plan, that it will get easier. Thanks again x

  • Ohh SGMO

    I am so sorry for your troubles. I have just been diagnosed but to be fair when my late husband was ill I feel it is almost worse for the relatives and friends watching in an waiting to see what happens next. My humble advice would be take what is in front of you at the moment, and don't look to far ahead. I know it is hard but you will get the strength to deal with this. Very best wishes for your whole family.